Tuesday, May 20, 2008

STD Testing

A few days ago, Amber, JT, and I went to the free clinic in Springfield to get tested for STDs in order to create a video blog about the experience for Beautiful Flower and Penis. We were hoping that, by setting an example, kids would feel better about going out to get their goods looked at.

When we got there, we found a stack of three numbers on the reception desk, which we dispersed amongst ourselves. Minutes passed, and it became clear to us that those numbers represented the three individuals who would be seen that morning by the clinic nurse. Three people. Once we realized this, we immediately gave up our numbers to the others who had shown up. It was painfully obvious that their needs greatly outweighed our own.

As we left the clinic, we were absolutely sickened by the entire situation. It turns out that only three people are seen two (thanks, Amber!) times a day. The population of Springfield is 151580, with approximately 16% living at a poverty level. I fail to see how this can adequately meet the needs of the city. How are we supposed to stop the spread of STDs, much less offer somewhere to be seen for maintaining your general health, when the free clinic is so limited in its capabilities?

Teh Juggernauts immediately took action. JT is planning on speaking at a community meeting to funnel more funding towards the free clinic, Amber is contacting various media outlets, and I...am bitching about it on the interwebz. 'Cause I'm cool like that.

Anyhow, since I am about 300 miles away from Springfield at the moment, I thought that I would look up some places you can go be tested for STDs.

  1. The Free Clinic
    1. This choice isn't for everyone and is very limited (*ahem*, see above experience), but it is still a valid option.
  2. Planned Parenthood
    1. Always a good option. They offer a wide range of services for a nominal fee. And, as far as I can tell, they are thoroughly nonsketchy.
  3. College Health Facility
    1. For us college kids, this is a good way to go. It's always cheaper than going to a regular doctor...but it can be a little bit sketchy. As far as I know, Taylor Health and Wellness at MSU doesn't offer STD testing. It turns out that they do offer on site STD testing. Thanks, Carly!
  4. Your Lady Parts/Dude Thingies Doctor
    1. I suppose this is the most obvious option, but can get pretty pricey. But knowing what's up with your junk is very integral to anyone's well being.
Does anyone know of other options that I am missing?



Carly Ann said...

Taylor Health and Wellness definitely does offer STD testing. I'm sure it's slightly discounted, since a lot of stuff there is.

nisemono3.14 said...

AIDS Project of the Ozarks does AIDS testing.

Planned Parenthood does the normal STD line-up. (Gonorrhea, Syphilis, Chlamydia, etc.) They charge about 110.00 per person, usually, although they having funding right now that reduces the fees to about 55.00 per person.

nisemono3.14 said...

This post says that they test three times a day. There are only two groups per day. One at 8 am, and one at 1 pm.