Saturday, May 3, 2008

Going Green+Your Vagina=Crazy Awesome!

Apparently, May is 'Divacup Month' over at, so I figured, why not blog about alternative menstrual products? I mean, I am all about the going green and the ladies should know their options.

Ok, first of all, let's look at everyone's favorite choice, tampons. I have quite a few problems with these things. First of all, they are bleached all to hell to make them white, making them little torpedoes of chemicals. Not only is this bad for the environment when they are disposed of, but these chemicals (hello bleach and rayon) can also be absorbed into your delicate bits. Can anyone say TSS (Toxic Shock Syndrome)? Also, say you use, what, four tampons per day of your regular period? 3-8 days per month? The numbers add up. In a lifetime of tampon use, that is quite a few pounds of trash going into the landfill. Also, think of all the money you spend buying those tampons that could be put to a greater use.

Then there's pads. This method isn't much better than tampons. There is still tons of chemicals used to bleach those things, then they add to the mountains of garbage already found in landfills, and you're still spending tons o' money on them. However, you can make or buy reusable pads, which is a nice green alternative.

Overall, the best product I have found is the Divacup. It's the one that I use, and highly recommend, to one and all. Made of silicone, this little wonder has made my time o' the month a lot easier. I am the kind of girl that just likes to, well...'set it and forget it' and the Divacup allows me to be lazy/carefree when it comes to my period. This thing is reusable, safe, hypo-allergenic, and earth friendly.

So, there you have it, go green with your vag!



Ryan said...

Anyone know of any other alternatives?

LArtsy said...

Tying your tubes! Sterilization! YAY! babies=gross

nisemono3.14 said...

There are several pills out now that reduce the number of periods you have. For instance, one pill takes you down to one cycle a year.

That isn't really an alternative device, but it is a way to umm... reduce the effort.

A lot of people just make their own pads out of old flannel shirts or whatever. They just wash them, and reuse them over and over again. Cuts down n waste considerably.

Carly Ann said...
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Carly Ann said...

This is the most amazing thing I've ever seen. I'm getting one.

LArtsy said...

Another method is sea sponges! But those don't work very well. I tried them once...and it was sucky.