Friday, May 9, 2008

The Standard Forums, Ho!

I am back over on The Standard's page, kicking around Foreign-Born-Simpson-Patriot-Yosemite-Andrew.

You can see the initial Standard article HERE.

Click HERE for a direct link to the comments.

Some of my favorite parts...

Obviously this "test" was done by someone who does not understand the issues at hand. We are not discussing the issues of wether we want guns on campus but rather do we want good guns on campus or not.

You claim that this test isn't applicable, since we were discussing "good guns" on campus. I think that it is very applicable to the debate over concealed carry. The question is literally whether students, with training, should be allowed to carry guns. This study found that the student population did not feel comfortable with this option.
-Amber Culbertson-Faegre-

I submit to all of you that Andrew Simpson, the same nutjob that posts under his name, FBP, and the occasional other alias with patent unreason and an easily perturbed dedication to ideas (no matter how strong the evidence or opposing argument may be), could legally carry a gun - he's told us he has the permit. If ever there were a reason to believe that conceal carry laws will not make us safe from this manner of (as Ryan put it) John Wayne throwback, this is it.
-JT Eberhard-

As a biology major, you should understand that criticism of the results of a study should be based on questions regarding the design or initial assumptions, and not simply because you don't like the results. Perhaps you would submit a better operational definition of "good guns" for consideration?
-Amber Culbertson-Faegre-

You comments above would indicate that you simply disagree with Dr. Brinker's study, yet you don't have any criticisms of the study. As a self-professed science nerd, this is a bit upsetting. We must give the scientific method the respect and authority that it deserves, and not just write off the results that disagree with our personal biases.
-Amber Culbertson-Faegre-

Check it out. Good times. Feel free to join into the brawl.

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