Monday, May 26, 2008

Linked by PZ.

The good news:

Work of Teh Juggernauts was just linked on PHARYNGULA!

The bad news:

All of the work for atheism and reason that the team does, and we were linked because I jokingly allowed Carly Ann to film me for BF&P saying that I would let Richard Dawkins and PZ Myers Eiffel Tower me.

At least BF&P will get a lot of views off this. The video has already been reposted on at least one other atheist blog. (Emancipate Yourselves From Mental Slavery)


Justin CF said...

PZ said that he was "flattered". He also said that his wife might not let him take business trips anymore. I would take this as an admission that he is more than open to the idea, which means that all you have to do now is convince Dawkins!

nisemono3.14 said...


You aren't helping the situation.

Admit it, you just want to brag that your sister laid two of the smartest atheists around.


LA said...

PZ LINKED US!!! OMG!!!! *faints* you think we can get his autograph?