Sunday, May 4, 2008

Speaking of menstruation....

It is May, spring has been sprung, and fertility and reproduction are in the air. Squirrels are frolicking, and the bumblebees are buzzing.

There has been a bit of discussion lately on Teh Juggernauts regarding alternative menstrual products. Specifically, Lauren is a real fan of the DivaCup. I have to say, she almost has me convinced.

Still, no matter how much all the ladies out there are inconvenienced by their cycles, I don't think many will be persuaded by this amazing hint that I ran into during my online adventuring.

Of all the crazy reasons that I have heard to avoid birth control...

Using birth control methods
causes a woman to undergo
uncomfortable periods every month,
but going without birth control,
periods can be rare.

Let me recap the argument. It is on the pro-life site Army of God (Christians are moral, right?) is on the terrorist list, so don't click the link if you aren't comfortable being on the NSA watch list.

The gist is that if you don't use birth control, you have to suffer through fewer periods.

Yes, that is true. If you don't use birth control, you have fewer cycles. Superficially, this seems like a good thing.

Oh, wait. You don't "suffer" through periods because your body is being stretched, starved, hormonally raped, and possibly destroyed by a parasitic creature.

I will stick with my period. Thanks.

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