Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Bad Questions To Ask A Transexual

You all have got to see this video. While the reason it was made is really sucky (don't even get me started on LGBT rights and treatment and whatnot) it's quite hilarious.




Justin CF said...

I was hanging out at the Radish once, and there was this retarded guy (he really was) who was talking about changing his name. Midge Potts started talking about what she had to go through to change her name, and I, with my barely functioning brain, asked her what her name had been before she changed it. It was only after she answered that I realized that her changing her name had something to do with the transsexualness. I felt really bad :(

On a side note, Calpernia Adams is really demeaning towards other people. And not just dumb people. That bit where she criticized other trannies for not being so self-conscious that they weren't even wiling to tell people their previous names was absurd.

LArtsy said... one's perfect.