Friday, July 4, 2008

We begin hoisting the sails...

For those of you who don't know, Teh Juggernauts are going on a grand adventure.

In a month we will be setting sail for California, the land of same-sex marriage and fields of legalized medical marijuana.

A car full of marauding pirates, on the high seas.

On the way out west we will be stopping at Ryan and my aunt's home, in Boulder Colorado. I just received top secret information about this stop.

There are rumors of a pasta maker in my aunt's kitchen.

As in... we would be able to make fresh spaghetti. A sacrament to our noodley creator.

This promises to be an amazing voyage. I am looking at a ship for the trip on Monday morning.


Mike L. said...


Thanks for the invitation to debate either "the existence of god" or "the truth of Christianity". I'd love to have a debate, but I'd probably want to argue the negative view on both those issues.

Maybe we can figure out something to debate, but here are a couple of issues that I have with your proposition.

1. What is the "existence of god"? Can you define it? I can't. If you can define what that existence is and what god is, then I'll see if I can come up with an argument on one side or the other. Right now, I'm agnostic about the subject, because without a definition I don't know what it is I would either accept or reject.

2. What do you think is the "truth of Christianity"? We might find a point of disagreement here so we could debate. If we can define it as "a life of putting others first" then I'd argue in favor of that, but I would not argue in favor of any kind of mental certainty that any biblical events are historically accurate.

Maybe we could debate the idea that dogmatic atheism makes the same tragic mistake as religious fundamentalism? Another option might be to debate the value of any kind of faith.

Mike L. said...


My first post is available at:

I'm looking forward to your response.