Wednesday, July 9, 2008

New posts in the Blogalogue with Mike Leaptrott

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Ryan said...

It seems that I owe Mike an apology. I completely misjudged his argument.

To me, it seems to be more of an individual perspective versus a total perspective thing. Can he derive solace from the stories found in the Bible, even though the Bible is a horrendous book derived from an archaic and villainous civilization? Sure.
The problem is, that's not how faith at large is interpreted. It's interpreted, even from a Biblical perspective, as something that you just have to have faith in. Or you're going to Hell for all eternity.

I bow to his interpretations, and think that we can at least agree that we should disavow the validity of the Bible, even as we respect the "truth" in the morals of some of the stories in question.


Mike L. said...


Round three is up...