Thursday, July 31, 2008

Shooting at a Church

As many of you have likely heard, there was an attack on Monday at a church in Tennessee. The church, home of a Unitarian Universalist congregation that supported womens rights and gay rights, was watching a children's play when the gunman opened fire. Two members of the congregation were killed.

My thoughts are with the families effected by this attack.

The media is covering the story and has reported that the man didn't have any serious record, besides two DWIs. His reason for attacking the church seems to be that they were too liberal.

When reading the articles on the attack the media touches on conservative viewpoints of the church, but they never mention what religious denomination he considers himself, or what the religious undercurrents of the attack were. Instead they focus on his frustration that he was unemployed.

We obviously don't have enough infomation yet, and probably never will, since the media isn't feeding it to us. However, it seems likely that this was an attack by a conservative Christian male on a liberal Unitarian church. And I can almost promise you if he was Muslim, his religious beliefs would be plastered in every article. But Christianity is a message of peace, so there is no reason to bring up the shooters religious indoctrination.

We are beginning to truely pressure the religious conservatives in this country. They are being forced to share air time with the gays and minorities they have oppressed for so long. And I believe it is very possible that they will not go down without a fight.

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