Tuesday, July 15, 2008

McCain speaks nonsense

I saw this excerpt from a McCain speech on BBC today:
"I won't bluster and I won't make idle threats - but understand this, when I am commander-in-chief, there will be nowhere the terrorists can run and nowhere they can hide."
This is pure bollucks. Terrorism is a tactic, and Islamic fundamentalism is an idea; and bullets affect neither of them. Not only are we making the problem worse in Iraq according to every single one of our spy agencies, we are fostering a new generation of terrorists to do battle with in the future.

This type of empty rhetoric is for people who only see things in terms of good and bad, rather than in terms of what will best solve a problem - and their vote counts just as much as yours.

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Jeff said...

And seeing as they are very good at finding where they can run and hide I don't think he's going to be very effective at accomplishing that without blowing up the planet.