Sunday, June 15, 2008

Satan Banned From Television.

While watching intro scenes of 80's and 90's cartoons on YouTube, I ran into this 5 minute long claymation clip that looked oddly familiar. The first time I saw it, the title was only "very creepy, disturbing children's cartoon banned from tv." In the clip, three children meet an angel named Satan. They are freaked out, but urged on by the redhead in the group (I loled at that- a few Juggernauts are known for their red hair) go through a door to chat with Satan on an island that's floating in the middle of blackness. They proceed to make a little village out of sand, which Satan blasts life into. Unfortunately, the little people in the sand village start fighting over a cow, so Satan kills them, then destroys the village.

I'll admit that it's creepy, but I really think I watched this as a child. I can't find any solid evidence anywhere as to whether it was really banned from tv. From the bit of research I did, the feature length claymation follows three kids around as they ride in a hot air balloon with Twain and end up in a number of Mark Twain's stories, one being The Mysterious Stranger (aka Satan). Others include the The Diary of Adam & Eve, Tom Sawyer & Huck Finn and The Damned Human Race. Another strange thing about it, though, is that the kids are trying to get off the balloon because Twain is trying to end his life by running the balloon into Hailey's Comet, due to his disgust with the human race.

Pretty hefty stuff.

I can't wait to rewatch it.

The full length movie is linked here at

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