Sunday, June 15, 2008

Magic Air Cars of Doom Part Deux

JT just posted a story about a car that runs on air. I was interested in the practicality of this concept, so I went ahead and YouTubed it, to see what I could pull up. I found the rather informative video below that gives some quite interesting information.

-The engine is much lighter, because it can be made from aluminum, since it doesn't have to deal with gasoline combustion.

-The air tanks splits when it's damaged, instead of exploding.

-It can be filled up in three minutes at an air compressing station (like the one you fill your tires up at).

-You can plug it into a power outlet and fill up the tanks using the built-in air compressor in about 4 hours for about $2.00 worth of electricity.

It's a really interesting concept, and if oil prices keep going up, it might not be a question of environmentalism; it might be a question of finance.

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