Monday, June 30, 2008

Morning sickness isn't a curse from God, after all.

There is an interesting post up over on "Greg Laden's Blog".

Basically, there is data that backs up the hypothesis that morning sickness in women is not just God cursing us with hormones. Instead it may be an adaptive trait that keeps women from eating the plants and meats that would be dangerous to the fetus during the delicate stage of organ formation.

There is even evidence that more intense morning sickness is correlated with fewer spontaneous abortions. This would show that there really may be toxins in the food morning sickness was keeping out.

It is always nice to hear that the craziness of the human body is not just chaos theory messing with the weaker sex, or God being pissy since Eve took an apple. There are reasons behind the random tortures of being female. We just haven't figure them all out yet.

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