Wednesday, June 18, 2008


John McCain strolled through our neck of the woods today (not to be confused with John McClane from Die Hard), and we figured we should go down and give him a healthy dose of what for.
We worked closely with members of a local Anarchist Infoshop called The Radish (we call 'em Radishites), Peace Network of the Ozarks, and Planned Parenthood to combat the politically corrupt retardation that is John McCain.
We ended up getting quite the gatheration going. Although some moronic Creationists operating under the guise of "pro education" came out, we were able to keep control of the situation, and we certainly had the numbers on our side. Video and pictures should be up later tonight.

You know, it's funny. We got a lot of McCain's supporters walking past us saying things like, "Don't you have anything better to do?" and, "Pffft. What's your definition of 'Peace'?" and, "My father fought so that you would have the right to make that stinking sign!"
However, not a single person was willing to calmly and rationally stand and discuss their beliefs. We were asking them nicely to discuss why they believed what they believed, standing there calmly and explaining that we were here to be accountable for what we believed, and trying to meet their accusations will logical conjecture, but not a single person would stand and discuss their beliefs with us.
It's almost as if they're weak, corrupt bastards who know that we're right.

(Note to any McCain supporters out there: hit me up in the comments section with your email address and we'll have an online dialog. You can be accountable for what you say!)

-Ryan Culbertson-Faegre

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Nariko said...

Hey. I just now got around to looking up your guys' blog. I was one of the kids who helped ya'll protest against McCain when he came to the campus. I think it was such a great thing that you guys did and I look forward to keeping up on the blogging.