Thursday, June 12, 2008

Barack Obama may not get shot by me!

{EDIT: Amber has asked me to note that the following is my opinion, and does not reflect the opinions of the other Juggernauts. If anyone has qualms with my beliefs, I would love to discuss them.}

Now, I'm not one of those damnable Coffee Shop Revolutionaries who try to work with the opposition. I'm all about that violence towards "elected" officials who don't serve We the People. You know, removing them from power one way or another, taking back what's ours (the wealth), and mocking the living bejesus out of the intolerant. Maybe you've heard.

While Barack Obama is heralded by most "leftists" as the most amazing dude to hit Earth since J. Chrizzist supposedly got the RAGE Virus, I've been skeptical. After all, he's rich, he's a capitalist, and he's a Democrat, which seems to suggest more empty promises. I'm sorry, but I'm just not ready to be swindled again.

Well, today I've had to rethink some of that. Barack Obama has just announced that the Democratic National Committee will no longer accept funding from lobbyist groups.

From this article:
"Obama... told a town hall meeting in Bristol, Va., Thursday that the fundraising changes will help keep him and Democrats free of special-interest influence. "We are going to change how Washington works," he said.

And this is from a story about how everyone in Washington is pissed:
Now you’re implying that the House and Senate Democrats - and Republicans - are scumbags that take lobbyist money,” the lobbyist fumed.

It seems that one of my biggest gripes with the Federal Government, that they don't work for us, is being worked on by the (probable) next President of the United States of America. While I'm still pessimistic, and think that this is probably just another way to gain public praise, I have to admit, I'm about ready to see where Obama steers this stupid country of ours.

-Ryan Culbertson-Faegre


nisemono3.14 said...

Ummm... for the record... not all of Teh Juggernauts are all about violence towards elected officials.

You may want to consider rewording that to emphasize the roots of your beliefs in the Declaration of Independence.

Right now it sounds a bit like you want heads rolling in the streets.

nisemono3.14 said...

Still... Glad to hear that you are starting to see the glory of Obama.

Jeff said...

Well if he's pissed everybody off than he might just be on the right track to not being a complete lying douchebag.

I'll still hold off on saying that he did so much as "change" anything until this actual change takes place.