Monday, September 15, 2008

This Blog Would Be Dead Without Sarah Palin

The idea of her being VP or President is so absurd that we just have to talk about it. I almost wish we, the America people, were being punked. That's almost what it feels like. A bad practical joke show, like the ones on TBS or USA. I normally don't like practical jokes, but I would accept this one with open arms.

Anyways, Tina Fey came back to SNL this weekend to do a completely spot on impression of Sarah Palin. The rest of SNL sucked, but this is great. Check it out.

*This is a new video from before, since NBC pulled all YouTube videos but they're cool enough to post their own stuff. Thanks NBC!

And while we're at it, this next vid makes me feel better. It's women in Alaska protesting Sarah Palin. Just drive-by shots, but you can read some signs.

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