Saturday, September 13, 2008

Another Post on Plan B

Because I was shocked to read MTSS's Nikol's story on her quest for Plan B (see LA's post below for her thoughts and a link), I feel like I should weigh in on this.

I feel really lucky that we have a Planned Parenthood office in town that is so helpful and so active. I have always known that I can get Plan B there, although before I actually got Plan B I didn't know if they would be mean or if it would be difficult to get. I have a card from Planned Parenthood, that I keep in my wallet with a phone number to call to find the nearest place where Plan B can be purchased if I happen to be out of town and something happens. Every time I see Planned Parenthood around, they have these cards. Very helpful.

Okay, now storytime. I've really had to use Plan B - at least twice. These were all because of condom malfunctions mixed with poor birth control usage. (I had forgotten a pill or two, and then a condom fell off in both instances.)

So the first time it happened was about a year ago. I knew I could go to Planned Parenthood, so I checked their hours and I went as soon as they were open. When I got there, I filled out a tiny slip of paper with my information, they check-marked a box at the top that said "Emergency Contraception", typed a little into the computer, asked me for $35 or so, and handed me a little box that they pulled out of a drawer in the reception area. It took maybe five minutes. The woman talked through the directions with me and that was that.

The second time I needed it, it was exactly the same. The whole transaction took less than five minutes.

Not all people are mean about Plan B, luckily. But I'm appalled that some are.

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