Wednesday, October 29, 2008

This isn't political or (a)theological... it just makes the geek in me happy.

Just in time for Halloween...

Zooilogix, over on ScienceBlogs, posts this National Geographic video:


The Ghost said...

If i want to watch a video, i'll go to Youtube. Can't you think of putting two and two together and write something?

nisemono3.14 said...

Funny that you pick on the post that openly states that it is a frivolous feel-good link, instead of leaving some sort of constructive criticism on the posts at do involve thought and synthesis.

It is almost as if you wanted to leave a superficial attack, without taking the time form a cohesive argument.

JT Eberhard said...

Why would I need to ban you, Ghost? You have, and continue to do, a fine job of embarrassing yourself. ;)

On our main page, click "entries by JT" and try criticizing my work, or the work of any of us that deals with actual synthesis. You'll find that, just like on your site, you'll get slapped down pretty quick - only here you can't make people stop when they're stomping you.

You're out of your league here, Ghost.