Sunday, August 24, 2008

Prolife Across America

Often known as "The Billboard People", Prolife Across America is the organization responsible for all the best baby-heavy Pro-Life billboards across the country. I'm sure you remember many of their classic billboards, such as "18 Days From Conception My Heart Was Beating", "We All Start Small - Life Begins at Conception" and my favorite, "Embryos Are Babies".

But in all seriousness, if those billboards bother you at all, you're gonna love this FAIL.

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Robert Madewell said...

Took me a second or two to see the fail. Very subtle. "Every eggs dream!" LOL!

Check out the fail I caught on camera in my neighborhood

Robert Madewell said...

I also caught another fail. I think they meant to say, "What? Embryos are babies?"

"What!" is incorrect because they're asking a question. The exclaimation at the end of babies is incorrect as well. If they wanted to exclaim that embryos are babies, they should have left the "What!" out.

It could almost sound like, "What embryos are babies?" Which would not be the question this group would want to convey.

Sorry for the double post, but I think it's funny.