Sunday, August 31, 2008

Meeting Sarah Palin

I was really glad that JT posted about Sarah Palin, because I, like most Americans in the 48 continental states (and likely Hawai'i) had never heard of her.

I did do a little research of my own, however, and wanted to share a few things I found about Mrs. Palin. So below are some photos and some facts that I found interesting. Please note that most of this is going to be just for fun. If you want serious info on her, read JT's post and then do your own research.

Anchorage Daily News/MCT—Landov

1. She hunts, fishes and shoots grizzlies like the one pictured above (this one though was actually shot by her father).
2. She delivered her fifth child during her first term as governor.
3. Palin is pronounced "PAY-lin".
4. She is a lifelong member of the NRA.

5. As she is attractive herself, she also has attractive children (2 boys, 3 girls, daughters pictured above).
6. The kids' ages are 18, 17, 13, 7, 4 months.
7. They have strange new-age-y names: Bristol, Track, Willow, Piper & Trig. (Maybe I just think new age because I know of two prime time WB witches named Willow & Piper.)
8. She's going to be on the cover of Vogue. Are you kidding me?
9. She went from small-town mayor to governor in 2006.

10. In 1984, she won the Miss Wasilla beauty contest, and finished 2nd in the Miss Alaska pageant. In the Wasilla pageant, she played the flute and won 'Miss Congeniality'.
11. She holds a BS in Comm/Journalism with a Poli Sci minor.
12. Her husband Todd works for the oil company BP.

And for fun, here is an introduction to Sarah Palin as told by one of my favorite nerdfighters John of the Vlogbrothers. This really tells you all you need to know. :)

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James M said...

Wow. Kudos. That first pic is amazing. Palin, sitting on a sofa with the pelt of a dead bear, with a dead crab looking at her from the coffee table.

She was totally that one girl in first grade who bit the heads off the animal crackers.