Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Yesterday, April 29th, Teh Juggernauts brought JedFest to the Missouri State campus.

Everyone on campus knows the face and voice of Brother Jed Smock. The angry evangelical psychotic man has been traveling on college campuses nationwide since the late seventies. The Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster has been on him for the last few years, never backing down from the fight.

This semester, we decided to switch it up a bit. No yelling matches. No screaming. No logic.

This semester, we threw a carnival. There were cupcakes, face painters, street urchins playing music, tons of chalk, water balloon chucking, and lots and lots of pirates.

Over the course of the afternoon we raised $300.37. Carly Ann rocks so hard. She did all of the counting, organizing, and paperwork to put this shit together. She seriously rocked face.

We have already sent the money to Heifer International. It is an amazing program which I have unlimited respect for. It will buy six separate third world families a Hope Basket. The baskets each include two rabbits (one of each sex =P), and two chickens. When they accept the basket they agree to pass the gift on, giving other families rabbits and chickens once their new livestock reproduces. Not only does it fight world hunger, but it does it in a sustainable fashion.

I am so grateful for all the pirates and pirate allies that came out to offer support. Pirates may not tithe, but they certainly know how to throw down when it matters.

I am also thankful that Brother Jed was so supportive. He may be crazy, and he may be delusional, and he might have a slight masonic complex, but he really helped us out yesterday. He even took a water balloon in the face.

**hugs**, everybody.


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