Thursday, November 6, 2008

Oh California...

After the rather shocking (to me, anyway) pass of Prop 8 (which bans gay marriage) in California, I was happy to learn that thousands are protesting and rallying against such blatant hatred.

Favorite protesting signs include, "Stop the H-8" and "Would You Rather I Married Your Daughter?"

Additionally, Arizona and Florida passed similar laws this past election. Arkansas banned gays from adopting children.

This proves that we still have a long ways to go, people.

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nisemono3.14 said...

Arkansas didn't just ban gays from adopting. Arkansas did something worse. They banned all unmarried couples from adopting, to get around an Arkansas Supreme Court ruling that declared a previous ban only on homosexuals unconstitutional. They didn't just stop gays from adopting. They stopped many many qualified couples, homosexual and heterosexual, from adopting. They kept many children from receiving loving homes.